A Year Later

A year ago, Roost in Green was embarking on a journey to white label our online curator. So much has been done for it since then. In between TV interviews, prototypes, sites, partnerships, staff, demos, ups and downs one thing remained: love for good design. Personally, working as an architect as well as an entrepreneur is not easy. Something has got to give. Clients don’t like to wait, and I don’t like to do anything halfway. So, the curator was once more put on hold. It’s amazing to hear from people, however, how much they wished they had that app to use. So many people struggle with home decor I always stay hopeful that one day I’ll see this idea come to fruition. Meanwhile, I’ve been gathering a cool list of amazing finishes and products I’ve been using in some of our clients’ projects. From custom rugs, new vinyls to amazing acrylic partitions, our blog will be back up with new green products information as well as companies. Stay tuned, subscribe for the blog and enjoy the year after the long hiatus!

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