Bedeck Your Nest

Your Home Is An Expression of Yourself…

…it doesn’t always have to be beige.

There ‘s no doubt the internet is a wonderful place to search for ideas and information on home decor. However, idea searching can be a lengthy process and often disappointing. We know you have expensive taste! That’s why we created the Online Curator. This time-saving tool quickly filters through our interactive mood boards so you can find the design-solutions that fit your style and budget. We believe you should spend time doing what you love, or with the ones you love. Hopefully, both!

Here is how it works:

  • Act

Start the Online Curator App and answer the questions as they come. The app will generate different mood boards. Select one of them and move on to step

  • Interact

Now that you have selected your mood board you can do one of two things: Proceed to step 3, or make a few changes. If you don’t like one or two items, you can click on the item you wish to change and access our database. After you have found the one item you love, select it to add to your mood board.

  • Rejoice

Now that you have found the right option for you, it’s time to enjoy it! Click on the item, and hit “bag it”. Get it. Love it. Rejoice in it. Perhaps do a little dance.

A Few Considerations:

The Online Curator will show you the mood boards available based on the information you have submitted. The budget is set for furniture and other decorative items, not to include taxes, floor and wall coverings as those vary according to each space. However, in order to give you a complete decor scheme, the mood boards will often come with flooring and wall covering swatches.