For Businesses

Birds of a feather, flock together

We want to grow your business.

Our idea for promoting sustainable practices goes far beyond ads and catalogs. We want to be the venue for companies, professionals, and consumers to create relationships, facilitate trade, and showcase what they have to offer in an optimized way.


We’ve developed a three-phase plan that includes every media channel available to effectively promote your business. Since marketing has evolved into brand selling rather than product selling, we believe Roost In Green’s niche market can help you grow your business and effectively gain access to a loyal and enthusiastic public.

Success starts here

Along with Roost In Green’s blog and Style Guide, we’ve developed an Online Curator to help customers find styled rooms on a set budget. This unique tool delivers complete design schemes ready for purchase in the form of interactive mood boards. All of the products featured are eco-friendly – from paint to decorative accents. Roost In Green only partners with eco-friendly companies so users can be confident in the products featured. If you are in the sustainable home furnishings business, you can take advantage of this FREE tool to market your products, build your brand awareness and customer loyalty. You can also take advantage of our direct marketing offerings via blog posts and ad space. Contact us about partnerships here. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide more information.

Every week, we create new and innovative design schemes to feed our Online Curator. To ensure our mood boards are on-trend, Roost In Green invites qualified students and new graduates of design/architecture into the creative process. They gain initial exposure in a highly competitive market before they graduate and Roost In Green users gain access to great design that’s affordable.

Industry-buzz = Brand awareness

Our second phase is our business core:  Roost In Green annual events.

Roost In Green was born to be an event. The kind of place people go to be inspired, mingle with other like-minded “birds”, learn new things and experience good design. Our events are a combination of entertainment, shopping, education and arts designed to appeal to all walks of life and all kinds of businesses.

Every year, a property will be selected to be our empty canvas. Designers, manufacturers, and retailers will come together to transform that empty canvas into a unique and fabulous design-experience.

Soon we will be announcing the date and location of our first annual Roost In Green event. At that time, we will also be accepting requests to participate and providing more detailed information. Join the early-bird participants list!

At the end of every event, comes the third phase of our plan. A catalog is put together and sent into our online archive of catalogs, transforming the ephemeral event into an everlasting opportunity.