Furniture Shopping for Permanent Movers

How Does One Shop For Furniture if They Are Constantly Moving?

Quick answer would be: “Don’t shop for furniture at all. Buy an RV, sailboat, or a Tiny house”. Yes, living minimally can be more fun and more fulfilling than most people would think. However, those options are not the solution for everyone. So, how do you pick your furniture and make sure it will fit and look nice every time you move to a new place? Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, you must:

  • Understand your daily behaviors (or your family’s) and your wallet: this will help you when you shop, but most importantly it will help you when you organize your space.
  • Plan: Yes, it sounds boring but it will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Practice analyzing the homes you choose to live beyond the cosmetic aspects. Cosmetic aspects are wonderful and relevant but the position of doors, stairs, and windows are much more important than granite countertops when you are trying to carry on with your daily routines. Same goes for size of spaces.

The Nitty-Gritty

If there is one thing Americans are great at is evaluating the practicality of things – probably the main trait that has set them apart from the world in the inventions department. So let’s take this practical thinking and apply to furniture shopping. After all, you do need to be practical if you are moving all the time!

In order to level the playing field and not compare apples with bananas, we will stick to relevant tips that apply to everyone. That way your disposable income for home goods won’t be the biggest decision factor and you won’t feel hopeless about getting your home to look the way you want it to look. Setting a budget is extremely important. In the long run, it will also help you keep your “pissed off” meter under manageable levels when minor scratches and nicks happen after multiple moves.


Tip #1:

Do not build to size any piece of furniture. Yes, you can have a beautiful dinning table be handcrafted just for you, for example. After all, a table is a table. Just remember that the size of your table will be the important aspect to be considered here. You do not know how big your dinning area will be once you move out. So, perhaps, consider extendable tables. Those are great chameleon pieces. They will suit any occasion and most likely will be passed on through generations.

Tip #2:

By modular pieces. They don’t always have to go together. Bookshelves are the best example of how you can play with them and potentially separate them and use in different areas. Sectionals are very cool, but they don’t always look good when you separate some of their elements.




Ori.Tami is a chair-bed designed by Giulio Manzoni for Campeggi . If it fits your budget, you should definitely invest in high functional design like this piece.


Tip #3:

Bedroom sets, living room sets, anything “set” tends to be a disaster. You need flexibility. If something breaks during your move or gets destroyed after a serious of moves, you may not be able to replace that piece. Remember, you don’t need to match. You need to be cohesive in your design scheme. Different wood colors are not necessarily something bad.

Tip #4:

Don’t by all of your furniture at once. Use the constant moves to your advantage. Become an avid thrift store, yard sale shopper. You would be amazed at the amount of incredible pieces that get thrown out or sold at a bargain price. You can slowly build your home and trade some old things for new ones for almost zero dollars. Don’t forget up cycling either!

Tip #5:

This is probably the most important tip of all. If you are going to buy something new carry with you a measuring tape! Whenever you enter a warehouse your sense of scale will get tricked and that beautiful couch will turn into an elephant in your living room. So, remember, measure your spaces before you head to the store!

A last note to help you take advantage of your constant moves: Being in different places is a wonderful way to create memories. You can slowly acquire small decorative objects during your moves/trips. In the end you will have a home that looks a lot like you and will always bring you wonderful memories regardless of the shell you decide to move into next!

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