What To Expect

Relationships are everything. Here’s how to make ours a lasting one:

  1. Start with Bedeck Your Nest to learn more about the Online Curator and its interactive mood boards.
  2. Consult our Style Guide to find references of decor styles and, perhaps, help you identify your own.
  3. Jump to our section Ready To Fly if you’re a student or a new graduate of Design/Architecture.
  4. If you’re a business owner you might want to check out our For Businesses page.
  5. Finally, we’ve saved the best for last: Explore Events is the core of Roost In Green. It’s how everything started.

Our commitment to you:

Everything we do at Roost In Green focuses on improving your quality of life and providing you with a great experience. Whether you choose to explore our Online Curator and its interactive mood boards or attend an exciting event, please know that every product displayed was sustainably manufactured. We support Made in America!

Roost In Green is always creating new partnerships and expanding our database of companies so that we can continue to be your source for interior design, architecture and trends that celebrate green living.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Send us the names of companies you’d like to see featured in Roost In Green and we will get to work.