Ready To Fly

Remember When Facebook Was Exclusive To College Students?

Well, we took that idea and spun it a bit.

If you are a new graduate or a student of design or architecture and have reached junior or senior year at college, you are eligible to create a profile for yourself.

Why should you create a profile?

We know how hard it can be to find clients when you are fresh out of college. For that reason, we have decided to create a portal to help you build leverage. Start developing your professional presence in the marketplace before you wrap things up at school.

Here is How It Works:

  1. Submit a REQUEST TO JOIN, by using the contact form below. You will need your school email for that.
  2. Once your request has been approved, we will give you access to your profile and the mood board editor. There, you will find templates and a database of products we have carefully chosen from our partners to start creating.
  3. Once you have the mood boards created, SUBMIT images to the online curator. Remember, the work you do is your best business card. You might want to give it a good thought!

It is by submitting solutions to the app that you will start gaining exposure as an upcoming talent. The mood boards you have created are accredited to you and a link to your profile will help future clients connect with you. They might want to take your idea to a whole new level!

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