San Francisco Decorator Showcase

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is considered to be the West Coast’s premier design showhouse event, renowned for featuring the work of the region’s top interior and landscape designers. All the funds raised through the Decorator Showcase go directly to support the San Francisco University High School (UHS) Financial Aid Program.

This year, located at a breathtaking home on 3630 Jackson Street with beautiful views of a green San Francisco, the event brought an interesting take on what Fall will look like from inside our homes out. If Spring trends where a mix of “au plein air” with tribal motifs and organic forms, Fall will take a step further in that direction, but with darker, richer colors, lots of metallic accents, gold, metals, and the occasional floral patterns instead of tribal. Luxe is back full throttle with a touch of real feminine. Some of the rooms made us feel like we should have been wearing fur and heels while sporting a sleek 1920’s hairdo.

The landscape is zen. True Japanese minimalist influence, bringing straight lines, clear paths, and lots of black and white.

Here is our walk through. For all the working mom’s out there I’m sure you will appreciate my daughter’s eventual appearance, as well as my good friend Joana’s.


To complement the work of the designers, here is a Pantone color chart for this year’s Fall/Winter:

Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 1.51.23 PM

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