The Story Behind Our Logo


Meet Rufous Hornero, the Red Ovenbird (Furnarius rufus), a bird with “many” names and our inspiration for everything. Rufous is a one of a kind medium-sized bird native to the Eastern lands of South America. What’s so special about this little guy? Well, this species of monogamous birds build their nests in the shape of a large thick clay “oven” placing them on a tree, or on man made structures such as fenceposts, telephone poles or buildings. A male and female bird builds it as a couple throughout the year. Males and females bond long term, sometimes for life. There is nothing more sustainable than adapting to an environment with your lifetime mate and building a home for your babies with only what earth has to offer. Rufous Horneros sometimes reuse their nests, therefore it’s quite common to see several nests close to each other, or even atop one another, at the same nestling site. Nonetheless, a former used nest may be repaired for a new breeding season or become the nest for a different breed of bird.

How did all of that make it into our logo? Well, a bird roosts, and so do we! Rufous’ nest is shaped like an amorphous igloo with a circled entrance. We tried to translate that with our double “Os” giving Rufous a great place to rest. It was a perfect fit. We hope you love it like we do!